Getting the QuestEdit

A villager in San Pasquale will tell Scarlett that Leon has left the village looking for trouble.

The QuestEdit

Scarlett's younger half-brother, Leon, has run off from the village, chasing after the Assassins to take revenge for the previous night's attack. He was headed towards Ivy Creek, and hasn't come back yet.

Scarlett should go make sure he doesn't get himself killed.


After Scarlett has finished getting her Proper Clothes, a villager will tell her about Leon chasing off after Assassins.

A real sword would be helpful (say, from Brawler, or the body of the first assassin Scarlett kills).
A little fighting practice with Brawler back in the village is a good idea for newcomers to the game, to learn some basics of how to fight. He will also give Scarlett a real sword to use (and teach her Physical Skills, when she has the Skill Points.


Scarlett will head out of the village down the path to the forest hut. (At the village entrance, Tinker & Kazam will suggest she visit Brawler first to learn some fighting skills. This practice is an excellent suggestion if the player has never played Venetica before.)

Quest Map A Friend in Distress

Stay on the straight path, passing the right turn to the lower village entrance and the left turn up to the ruins.

A little way down towards Ivy Creek from that trail first intersection, Scarlett will meet one of the Petrono Brothers. One of the villagers warned her about them blaming her for last night's attack, and this is an ambush. After they run a sword through Scarlett's back and she refuses to stay dead, Scarlett can either kill them or spare them.

Bear right at the next fork in the trail (the way left leads to Venice, and isn't yet open to Scarlett anyway.)

Scarlett may encounter a couple of Assassins as she continues down the trail. If she hasn't already done so, Scarlett should pick up a real sword from the first one she defeats, and switch to using that as her primary weapon (instead of the fireplace poker from the previous night.)

A bit further down the trail, Scarlett will find Leon fighting with a pair of Assassins. Scarlett should plunge right in and help kill the assassins.


Leon will not be grateful. Scarlett will get more chances to save Leon again, later.

Add 200 points to Experience (plus 25 XPs per assassin killed. No change to Reputation.

Related QuestsEdit

There is another quest that will send Scarlett out of San Pasquale and down the trail towards Ivy Creek at the same time. After saving Leon, she can continue down the trail to complete the next one, too: