Liora at Skullbreak Tavern

Deliver a letter to a noblewoman (Liora) in the Skullbreak Tavern in the Arsenal District.

Getting the QuestEdit

Quest Map Inner City Tavern

Any time Scarlett is in the Tavern of the Inner City, she will see a Citizen standing on the slightly raised platform to the eastern side of the taverns common room. Speaking to him will give Scarlett this quest. (Click on map to enlarge it.)





The QuestEdit

A Citizen in the Tavern of the Inner City will ask Scarlett to deliver a letter to a noblewoman (Liora) in the Skullbreak Tavern in the Arsenal District.

This quest is optional, though it is required that Scarlett meet with Liora in the Skullbreak Tavern, as she is the key to gaining access to Largo, among other important things. The quest itself is just a way of introducing Scarlett to Liora. (Click on map to enlarge it.)


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map Skullbreak Tavern
This quest is simple enough: once Scarlett reaches the Arsenal District, she needs to make her way up to the top and take the final stairs to the Skullbreak Tavern. (When she first reaches the Arsenal District, The Platform will be broken, so she will have to walk up the stairs, ramps, and bridges, fighting off Juma Warriors along the way.)

Liora is sitting at a table in the lower level of the Skullbreak Tavern, not far from the bar. Speak with her and deliver the note. That completes the quest (there's no need to return to the Citizen who gave her the quest.)

Liora can be of help to Scarlett in several ways. She can introduce Scarlett to the district administrator, Largo, via a letter. But first, Scarlett will need a high reputation and have to fulfill a quest to earn Liora's trust.



Add 300 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to her Reputation.

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