Getting the QuestEdit

Whenever Scarlett goes to meet Nox at his home in the Backstreets of the Outer City, Rat will be standing on the platform a few meters away. If Scarlett speaks with him, he can provide some useful information about the city, and will also offer this quest.

This quest is optional.

The QuestEdit

Rat needs to send messages, but his messenger, a street urchin Scarlett already met named Rico, hasn't come around lately. Rat asks Scarlett to get Rico to work for Rat again.



Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Quest Map A Rat's Work

First, Scarlett will have to find Rico again. The kid spends the day wandering around the Outer City. just about anyplace outside. At night, he hangs out in front of the Old Temple. Use the quest map feature to display Rico's current location to find him.

Rico will tell Scarlett that he doesn't like working for Rat. The rogue beats him. Rico, however, has a weakness for candy (sweets), and can be bribed with it.

Scarlett can go back to Rat and explain that he should offer Rico sweets instead of a beating. She will then have to give Rat some sweets. (If Scarlett hasn't already collected some sweets in her inventory, she can purchase them at Madame Orlof's Bread store in the Marketplace during daylight hours.)



Scarlett's reward for this effort in child slavery and abuse is that Rat will tell his fellow rogue Crowe about Scarlett. She can then visit Crowe at his rooftop nest and request more distasteful work (Quests). (See Crowe's Trust quest.)

Add 200 to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Scarlett's Reputation.

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