Stolen Key

Recover the key to the Persian Trade House from Assassins.

Getting the QuestEdit

This quest is assigned automatically when Scarlett reaches the Inner City's Persian Trade House after speaking with Tusker at his rooftop hideout. Casmir, Tusker's Persian informant, tells Scarlett she needs to retrieve his key to get into the Trade House.



This is a subordinate quest to The Pathway to the Claw quest, one Scarlett must complete in order to get on board The Claw.

Meet Tusker at his rooftop lair and speak with him. (See The Pathway to the Claw quest for details.)


The QuestEdit

Tusker tells Scarlett that he has an informant in the Persian Trade House who has a key that can get her inside, and from there onto The Claw. To do so, she must meet him at night in front of the Trade House. When she arrives, she sees Assassins attack him and steal his key.

This quest is mandatory; Scarlett must complete it to complete the mandatory The Pathway to the Claw quest.


Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Show up outside the Persian Trade House in the Inner City at night time after speaking with Tusker at his rooftop lair. A cut scene will show that his Persian informant, Casmir, was leaving the Trade House when he was set upon by Assassins. This will trigger the A Stolen Key quest.

Person Map Casmir

Chances are that the Dervish Masters who attacked Casmir are already dead, a byproduct of rescuing Tusker's Special Friend. Once Casmir is safe, if Scarlett speaks to him, he will say he needs the key. Search the bodies of the Dervish Masters to collect the key, then speak with Casmir again.

Casmir will ask Scarlett to give him the key. She has a choice of giving it to him and letting him open the door for her, or killing him and opening the door for herself, depending on whether she is feeling honorable or villainous. Either choice will complete this quest and get her into the Persian Trade House.



Add 100 points to Scarlett's Experience, plus 80 for each Dervish Master she kills herself. No change to Reputation.

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