Quest Abandoned Honor

Scarlett needs to deal with a pair of corrupt Guardsmen in order to get into the dockyards and through them to the Harbor.

Getting the QuestEdit

From the lower level of the Arsenal District, Scarlett can walk across The Platform area (whether or not the platform is up or down) to head towards the dockyards. (The Dockyards are also her path to The Harbor.) After crossing a small bridge, she will encounter a doorway where to corrupt Guardsmen stand watch.

The QuestEdit

Scarlett needs to get past these two corrupt Guardsmen and to the dockyards and Harbor.

Quest Map Abandoned Honor

The two guardsmen will not allow her to pass. They will, however, do them a favor suggest she might which they would then return. They want her to retrieve certain contraband items for them that they left in the Inner City Garrison when they were "hoiked" from there to this new post. (Click map to enlarge.)



Access to the Arsenal District.

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett has a choice of three ways to complete this quest:

  • Scarlett can simply bribe the two corrupt Guardsmen with 1000 ducats. This reduces her wealth, but is quick and simple, and saves a lot of running around.
  • Scarlett can do as the guards ask: Go to the Inner City Garrison there and fetch the loot for the corrupt Guardsmen. There are two chests she needs to access: the one in the front room of the Garrison has some stolen jewels; the one in the back room has their porn collection. Scarlett needs to collect both, without the Guard Captain of the Inner City seeing her. (That means waiting until he walks into the other room on his normal rounds before opening the chest.) If successful, she can take the items back to the two corrupt Guardsmen, and gain access to the dockyards.
Quest Map Abandoned Honor Garrison

If Scarlett carelessly gets discovered while collecting either part of the contraband, the Guard Captain of the Inner City will attack her. She can defeat him, but not kill him, and he will add her name to the city's wanted list, forcing her to go see the Judge in the Outer City to pay a fine. Also, she won't be able to retrieve the contraband, so she will be forced to use one of the other two solutions to complete this quest and get to the Dockyards.

Return to the corrupt guards' station at the entrance to the Dockyards to pass and complete the quest.

(Sadly, killing the corrupt Guardsmen isn't an option for completing this quest.)


Adds 400 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation. It doesn't matter which solution Scarlett chooses.

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