Abd el Malik

Abd el Malik is a Persian warrior and trainer. He specializes in the axe.

After Scarlett has gotten access to the Persian Trade Center and has been aboard The Claw, she will find Abd el Malik in the Persian Trade Center on her subsequent visits. He can provide her with training on advanced combat techniques (Physical Skills).

Location Edit

Person Map Abd el Malik

Abd el Malik can be found in the Persian Trade Center. Scarlett can only get access to the trade center after completing the The Pathway to the Claw quest. Abd el Malik can be found pacing the floor there at any time of day. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)

Physical Skills Taught Edit

Abd el Malik is a Teacher of Combat Skills. He can teach Scarlett many combat skills with all weapons categories, specializing in the Axe (which counts as a Warhammer Skill.)

Physical Skills Abd el Malik can Teach
Scythe Sword Spear Hammer
Moonblade Mastery Sword Mastery Spear Mastery Hammer Mastery
Twilight Rift Sword Block Shield Block Gasp for Breath
Moonblade Block Riposte Covert Strike Shattering Blow
Deadly Injection Titan's Blow Hammer Block
Deathburst Hurricane

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