Abolish Curse Edit

Abolish Curse skill icon

Abolish Curse is an active Mental Skill that Scarlett may explicitly invoke to dispel a magical barrier. It allows Scarlett to get passed a few special obstacles. The cursed barrier appears as a web of brightly-glowing white lattice, larger and more complex form of a Nexus Portal, though it is visible in plain sight (at least to Scarlett.) This Mental Skill needs to be configured on the Quickbar to be invoked.

Scarlett will only need to use this skill a few times. The first she runs into such a barrier is in front of the Chapel in the Arsenal District, though she will not need this skill to get passed that one; Brother Johan will circumvent it for her with a Holy Scroll. However, once Princess Chiamaka directs a barrier in front of the Necropolis in the Juma Tribal Lands, Scarlett will need to learn and use this spell herself. Scarlett will later encounter a similar cursed barrier protecting the Palace's Throne Room. And in the final confrontation with Victor, he will use another barrier to protect the Doge.

Abolish Curse is a granted skill, bestowed on Scarlett by Benedict's ghost at the Gateway Idol in the Sacred Cave of the Juma Tribal Lands. Learning it doesn't require any Skill Points. It is the initial skill of the Fifth Twilight Circle, and obtaining it opens the rest of the Fifth Circle for normal learning through Necromancy Teachers and Skill Points.