Aeris appears to be the leader of the Net of the Mask guild. She's a strong, forceful, commanding necromancer. She also tends to be quite angry and open with her emotions, and is constantly devising a verbal assault of new ways to torture those who cross her (dismemberment and boiling oil often figure in these flights of fancy.)

Location Edit

Person Map Aeris Outer City

Scarlett will first meet Aeris in the Outer City, while the gate leading to the Inner City is still locked to them. Aeris is the person to see to join the Net of the Mask, and can also describe the other two Guilds in Venice.

Person Map Aeris Inner City

Once in the Inner City, Aeris will be in the foyer of the Net of the Mask guildhall. If Scarlett joins the Net of the Mask, Aeris will move into her study in the guild hall.

Skills Taught Edit

Aeris is a Mental Skill Teacher. She can teach Scarlett almost all Mental Skills (necromantic spells), whether Scarlett joins the Net of the Mask guild or not, but not until Scarlett gain access to the Inner City and Aeris moves to the Guildhall. The skills Aeris can teach are limited only by which Twilight Circles Scarlett has opened by gaining access to Gateway Idols.

Mental Skills Aeris can Teach
1st Twilight Circle 2nd Twilight Circle 3rd Twilight Circle 4th Twilight Circle 5th Twilight Circle
Raven's Wrath Ancestral Horror Deadly Attraction Wasted Years Burst to Life
Raven's Eye Blood Toll The Plague Enduring Passage Raise the Fallen
Blood Vortex Scream of Death Echoes of Twilight
Venomous Eclipse
Mental Defiance

By the time Scarlett gains access to the Sixth and final Twilight Circle, Aeris will no longer be present at the Guildhall to teach. Scarlett will have to seek out Amago if she wishes to learn the Final Judgment spell.

Related QuestsEdit

Aeris is on the receiving end of a few of Scarlett's optional Quests:

Aeris gives Scarlett multiple Quests on behalf of the Net of the Mask: