Akbah is a member of the Juma tribe, but he does not agree with what Princess Chiamaka has done in allying herself with the Undead Archon. He has given up his life training Juma Warriors for exil in Venice.

Person Map Akbah Arsenal District

Because of that, when Scarlett first meets him, he will be in exile in Venice (in the Arsenal District, near the route to the Harbor). When Princess Chiamaka arrives in Venice, he finds his life is in danger from her warriors, who consider him disloyal.

Later, Akbah will be able to return the favor to Scarlett by guiding her to the Juma Tribal Lands. Once there, he will provide other helpful advice.

Person Map Akbah Juma
Once peace has been restored to the Juma Tribal Lands, Akbah will resume his old profession as a combat instructor, and can teach Scarlett a full range of new Physical Skills. Scarlett can find him then in the Juma village, near the entrance that leads to the Anchorage. (Click on map to enlarge.)

Skills Taught Edit

After Scarlett has confronted Princess Chiamaka in the Necropolis and freed the Juma Tribal Lands, Akbah can teach Physical Skills. He can teach any and all Weapons skill: Scythe, Sword, Spear, and Hammer. He is the only physical skills teacher who can teach the Spear Fury physical skill (as such, he can complete the Spear Master Achievement (Trophy).

Physical Skills Akbah can Teach
Scythe Sword Spear Hammer
Moonblade Mastery Sword Mastery Spear Mastery Hammer Mastery
Twilight Rift Sword Block Shield Block Hammer Block
Moonblade Block Riposte Shield Slam Gasp for Breath
Deadly Injection Titan's Blow Covert Strike Shattering Blow
Deathburst Hurricane Spear Fury The Bludgeoning

Goods SoldEdit

Akbah can serve as a minor Trader, but only when met in the Juma Tribal Lands (outside the gates to the arena while Scarlett is chasing Princess Chiamaka). He can sell Scarlett a few consumable items that might be crucial to her quest there. He charges a premium price for these items, however:

Like other merchants, Akbah can also buy unneeded items Scarlett wishes to sell, converting them to ducats she can spend on more useful items. However, after Scarlett has confronted Princess Chiamaka, Akbah will return to his role as a Teacher of Physical Skills and no longer be a Trader, so items sold to Akbah cannot be re-purchased.

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