Alchemy skill icon

Alchemy allows Scarlett to brew Potions from certain Herbs. This skill is invoked from the Inventory page.

Scarlett must have both the specific Herb and an Alchemists Phial in her Inventory to act as the ingredient and a flask to contain the potion. Select Dusk Whin to make a Health Potion or White Ivy to make a Mental Energy Potion. (On Windows with the Mouse, drag the Herb icon to the Mix Potion icon; with an XBox360 or PS3 controller, select the Herb with the Left Joystick and press the Y or Δ button to mix the potion.) There is no cost (in money or Mental Energy) to invoking this skill, though it does consume the Alchemists Phial.)

Scarlett can learn this skill from Joanne in Venice's Outer City. Scarlett can find Alchemist Phials as loot on dead enemies (rarely) or buy them from Joanne or San.