Amago was once one of Venice's notable necromancers, but in attempting to perform a ritual for immortality, he killed not only himself, but his apprentices. Now, his dejected ghost haunts the Arsenal District Catacombs.

Amago is a hard man to find. He can only be seen when Scarlett uses The Passage to enter the Twilight World. Unlike other ghosts Scarlett encounters, his location is not marked by a skeleton in the mortal world. Without using her Eye of the Lost, the ruined room appears empty, with a neat desk with an empty chair in the center, surrounded by debris. But, Scarlett can see him if she looks in the right place with her sorcerous sight.

Person Map Amago

If Scarlett speaks with this embarrassed ghost, she can convince him to take her as a new apprentice, and he will teach her new Mental Skills. Late in the game, he will be her only remaining necromantic teacher. (Assuming, of course, she wishes to take lessons from a teacher who got all his previous apprentices killed.)

Skills Taught Edit

Amago is an expert Teacher of Mental Skills with a comprehensive knowledge of the dark arts. He can teach Scarlett any of the Mental Skills for which she has the prerequisites and Skill Points. He is the only one who can teach her the Final Judgment.

Mental Skills Amago can Teach
Twilight Circle
Twilight Circle
Twilight Circle
Twilight Circle
Twilight Circle
Twilight Circle
Raven's Wrath Ancestral Horror Deadly Attraction Wasted Years Burst to Life Final Judgment
Raven's Eye Blood Toll The Plague Enduring Passage Raise the Fallen
Blood Vortex Scream of Death Echoes of Twilight
Venomous Eclipse
Mental Defiance

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Scarlett will need to call on Amago if she wishes to learn The Final Judgment, the final skill of the sixth Twilight Circle, because all other teachers of Mental Skills will be unavailable by the time she has opened that circle. Learning that skill will earn the Master of the Sixth Twilight Circle Achievement/Trophy.

Amago unseen