Inar Apple Wine

Apple Wine is one of Venetica's Achievements (Trophies). It is set in the Inner City during the Persian occupation, and is not related to any Quest.



Gain access to the Inner City.

This quest is "missable": it must be earned during the Persian occupation of the Inner City, before Scarlett reaches The Claw as part of The Pathway to the Claw quest. Once Scarlett enters the Persian Trade House, she will not be able to return to the Tavern before the end of the occupation, and then the Persian trap will be gone and the chance to earn this Achievement lost.

Like all Achievements, this is optional. It's not required to complete the game, but only to earn the Achievement.


Getting the AchievementEdit

Map to the Tavern

Scarlett should go to the Tavern in the Inner City and speak with the bartender, Jose. If during the Persian occupation, this jovial innkeeper will question Scarlett, specifically asking if she is from the mountains. Scarlett should answer, "yes". Jose will then offer Scarlett a "special room" he keeps for mountain folk (because, he says, he likes them.) Scarlett should follow.

Not surprisingly, this is a trap. Two Persian Mercenaries are waiting in the room (they are looking for her, after all.) Scarlett should kill the two Persian Mercenaries. Jose will then plead for his life, saying he was forced to help them against his will. Scarlett should ignore his pleas and kill him, too. (Take the room key from his body to return to the Tavern common room.)

Eventually (perhaps after speaking with other denizens in the room), Scarlett should leave the Tavern. Later, she should return to the Tavern. When she returns, she will find Inar (a fruit vendor from the Outer City Marketplace) has replaced the late Jose as bartender. Inar has replaced the entire menu with apple products: apples and apple pie (no iPads; not that kind of Apple store.) Instead of beer and wine, Inar now sells "Apple Wine", which gives this Achievement its name.

The Achievement (Trophy) is awarded when Scarlett returns to the Tavern and finds Inar is the new bartender.



The Apple Wine Achievement (Trophy).

Each Persian Mercenary killed adds 70 points to Scarlet's Experience. Killing Jose adds another 80 points.

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