Baka Beast

Huge, wild Baka Beasts roam across the African savanna. Part rhinoceros, part bull, the Baka beasts have a thick hide resembling armor and three horns. Fiercely territorial, they will charge any stranger who approaches. If given room, they can charge fiercely, knocking an enemy off her feet. Not only can they bite and gore with their horns, their tail can also pummel an enemy.

The Juma tribe has domesticated some of these fierce beasts, keeping them in cages in their villages. On the tribal planes, they naturally inhabit the grasslands, and are occasionally found in small caves.

Like a few other sensitive animals, the Baka beast seems to be able to sense Scarlett when she is using The Passage, though it can't harm her during her passage.

Killing a Baka Beast adds 200 points to Scarlett's Experience, and the trained Baka Beasts in the Juma Village add 400 points to her Experience. The Tusk of this warbeast can be harvested by anyone with Beast Knowledge skills and sold for 50 ducats each.

The larger Baka King is even more fierce, if that is possible. Killing the Baka King adds 400 points to Scarlett's Experience.

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