Beast Knowledge skill icon

Beast Knowledge is a Passive Physical Skill that lets Scarlett skin a dead animal's body to harvest useful parts.

AnimalHarvested Part
DelversHides (8 ducats each)
GrippersBeacons (20 ducats or refill lantern)
Flying BeastsLeather (12 ducats)
Baka BeastsTusks (50 ducats)

(See Animal Treasures for more.)

Beast Knowledge is a Passive Skill; it is invoked automatically when Scarlett "searches" a slain animal's body. It cost no Mental Energy: 0; Casting time: 0; Cooldown time: 0.

Scarlett can learn this skill from Brawler in San Pasquale or from Joanne in Venice's Outer City.

Joanne will give Scarlett a better price for these animal items than any other Trader, making it worth the visit to her in the Outer City Marketplace.