Black Grimoire

About the Black GrimoireEdit

The Black Grimoire should never have been written. Even Death and the Eternal Counsel don't know what entity of the Twilight World first put its dark words down in blood. Nor do they know how it found its way into the mortal world.

The unthinkable ritual inscribed within it holds unspeakable power. The Undead Archon is seeking the book to perform the ritual that would destroy the barriers between the worlds of the living and the dead and elevate him and his allies to godlike status. He has summoned special demons, called Lectors, from the world beyond to help him and his evil necromancers search for it.

The Black Grimoire was entrusted to an elderly necromancer, Sophistos, who was supposed to destroy it. Death has asked his daughter, Scarlett, to ensure that it is destroyed.

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