Blood Toll skill icon

Blood Toll is a vampiric Necromantic Spell (Mental Skill) of the Second Twilight Circle that Scarlett may use drain Health from an enemy and add that damage to her own Health. This skill has four Levels of Mastery. The amount of damage inflicted on the enemy and added to Scarlett's own Health increases with the Level of Mastery, as does the amount of Mental Energy required to cast the spell. The amount of damage inflicted on the enemy (and recovered by Scarlett) also increases with Scarlett's Mental Power Attribute.

Ancestral Horror
Level Damage Mental Energy
1 38+ 14 ME 0.5 sec 20 sec
2 57+ 21 ME 0.5 sec 20 sec
3 85+ 31 ME 0.5 sec 20 sec
4 128+ 47 ME 0.5 sec 20 sec
  + Damage increased by Scarlett's Mental Power bonus

If there are multiple enemies within range, the damage inflicted is spread equally among those enemies. (cf Blood Vortex.)

Scarlett can only learn this Mental Skill after she has learned its prerequisite, Ancestral Horror, with at least one Level of Mastery; after he has accumulated sufficient Skill Points; and after she finds a Necromancy Trainer (probably Nox in the Backstreets of the Outer City). Scarlett can increase her Level of Mastery of this skill by spending additional Skill Points with any Necromancy Trainer.

Some creatures, such as the Gripper Queen, are immune to this spell, as are the Undead Five.

Blood Toll is an active Mental Skill. It must first be placed on the game's QuickBar before it can be invoked.