Brawler is a simple villager in San Pasquale. He has some small knowledge of combat skills which he is willing to teach to Scarlett in the dark hours after the Assassins attack.

Brawler will also offer to act as a Sparring Partner for Scarlett to practice very basic Combat techniques, such as elementary attacks, maneuvering and dodging. This is helpful to new players who want to learn basic Combat techniques in Venetica.

Location Edit

Person Map - Brawler

Brawler can be found at the lower level of San Pasquale, near the secondary exit, during daylight hours only (he is not available at night.)(Click on map to enlarge it.)

Skills Taught Edit

Brawler can be Scarlett's first Teacher. He can teach a few very basic Physical Skills with a Sword, as well as Beast Knowledge, once Scarlett has the Skill Points.

Physical Skills Brawler can Teach
Sword Skills Miscellaneous Skills
Sword Mastery Beast Knowledge
Sword Block