Bright Views

Bright Views is one of Venetica's Achievements (Trophies). It simply requires visiting a specific scenic location in the Outer City.

Prerequisites Edit

Gain access to the Trading Center. Give the Guardsmen a copper ore or pick a Stone Lily from along the canal and claim to be herb dealer.

Scarlett will need the Eye of the Lost Mental Skill from visiting the Old Temple in order to use the Nexus Portal.

Scarlett can return to the Outer City at any time during the game to complete this Achievement.


Earning the Achievement Edit

Trophy Map Bright Views

The "Bright View" it is an elevated overlook in the towers of the Trading Center of the Outer City. All Scarlett has to do to earn this Achievement is reached the scenic spot.

To get there, Scarlett should go to the southernmost tower door in the Trading Center (green dot (1) on the map; click on the map to enlarge it.) This is the same tower where she would go for the Rescue from the Tower quest. Enter the tower and go all the way up the stairs to the top. Exit to the catwalk between the towers and cross over to the tower to the north. The wall appears normal, but Scarlett should hear the telltale sounds of a Nexus Portal (2).

Bright Views Entrance

Scarlett should use The Passage mental skill to see the Nexus Portal and then enter it.

On the other side of the Nexus Portal, Scarlett will find a small room we then exit out to a wooden platform with a spectacular view of the Outer City. Walk out onto that wooden platform, and the Achievement / Trophy is complete.


Reward Edit

The Bright Views Achievement (Trophy).

There is a treasure chest on the wooden platform which contains some loot and Lady Velvet's Treasure Map.


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