Brother Johan

Brother Johan is the holy man for The Chapel in the Arsenal District, at least he is when the chapel is available.

Scarlett will probably meet Brother Johan upon the platform where Largo has his administrative offices. The good cleric will be in some despair. His Chapel, beloved of the dockworkers living in the area, has been cursed. It is possessed by demons (Lectors), and an unholy magical barrier blocks the entrance. He asks Scarlett for help removing that curse. (This will involve two Quests).

Once the curse is lifted, Brother Johan can perform a holy ritual on any Health Potions Scarlett may have, making them extra potent (he will, of course, require a small donation for this service.)

Also, inside the chapel, Scarlett will find a Gateway Idol she can use.

Brother Johan lives in a home up by Largo's Administrative Area, where he goes after dark, but after the curse is lifted he can be found inside the chapel.

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