Burst to Life skill icon

Burst to Life is an active Mental Skill that Scarlett may invoke when she is in the Twilight World (either through use of The Passage or because she was killed).It allows her to resurrect with an energy burst, damaging all surrounding enemies.

Scarlett can invoke this spell explicitly when is still in the Twilight World, instead of using the normal explicit resurrection or allowing her time in the Twilight World to expire. (She can use the time to get close to as many enemies as possible.) Using the spell causes her to return to the world of the living. Although it has no cooldown period, Scarlett must return to the Twilight World before she can use it again.

The Burst to Life skill has four Levels of Mastery. The damage inflicted by the spell increases with her Level of Mastery, as does the amount of Mental Energy required to cast the spell. The damage also increases with Scarlett's Mental Power bonus.

Burst to Life
Level Damage Mental Energy
1 80+ 8 ME 0 sec 0 sec
2 128+ 12 ME 0 sec 0 sec
3 204+ 29 ME 0 sec 0 sec
4 327+ 32 ME 0 sec 0 sec
  + Mental Power bonus

Burst to Life is an active Mental Skills. It must first be placed on the game's QuickBar before it can be invoked. Victor and the Doge are immune to the effects of this spell.

Scarlett can only learn the Burst to Life Mental Skill after she has been granted its prerequisite, Unworldly Clutch; after she has accumulated sufficient Skill Points; and after she finds a Necromancy Trainer (such as Aeris or Amago). Scarlett can increase her Level of Mastery of this skill by spending additional Skill Points with any capable Necromancy Trainer.