Castello Mansion courtyard

About the Eastern Villa Edit

The Costello Mansion, also called the Eastern Villa, can only be reached by Gondola once the Chasing the Black Grimoire Quest is complete. As the name "Eastern Villa" implies, it's located on the eastern outskirts of Venetica.

Scarlett will first go to the Castello Mansion seeking the Black Grimoire, thanks to a Map (Quest Item). (She should also bring a Shovel.)

The entryway is at the Gondola station at the westside of the manse where it abuts the canal. When Scarlett arrives the first time, she will find the mansion's normal inhabitants dead and discovery number of Lectors in the various rooms, along with a Necromancer. The gate to the courtyard will be locked, and she will need to find the key elsewhere within the villa.

Eastern Villa Costello Map

When Scarlett first reaches the courtyard's lower-level, she will find several Lectors already there, and she will need to deal with them before being able to dig at the site indicated on the map.

Note: There is a Living Statue in the center of the courtyard. Depending on Scarlett's current Level, the statue may or may not come to life when she first visits. (If not, and she wishes to pursue the Pale Hearts Quest, she will need to return later after reaching a higher Level.) Fighting the Lectors and Living Statue at the same time poses tactical difficulties: the former can only be killed by the Moonblade and the latter takes very little damage from an edged Weapon. It might be prudent for Scarlett to keep her distance from the statue until after the Lectors are dealt with.