Teachers (or Trainers) are the characters who can provide Scarlett with training in Skills. Each Teacher specializes in either Physical Skills or Mental Skills. They can teach Scarlett new Skills (or increase her Level of Mastery in previously-learned Skills) if she has the necessary Skill Points (earned through Experience) and prerequisite skills.

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Not all teachers know all Skills. Scarlett can only learn new Skills (or improve her Level of Mastery of existing Skills) from a Teacher who knows that skill. See the article on each teacher for which skills they can teach.

Scarlett can learn a new Skill (or improve her Level of Mastery in an already-learned Skill) when:

  • She finds a Teacher who teaches that Skill.
  • She has accumulated sufficient Skill Points.
  • She has learned the necessary prerequisite Skill.

To learn a new Skill or improve the Level of Mastery in an already-learned Skill, Scarlett should move close enough to the Teacher character so that the "Talk to ___" Contextual Action Prompts appears. Initiating a Conversation with a Teacher will provide additional Dialog Choices. The first time Scarlett speaks with any Teacher, the Teacher will first introduce themselves. (Not all Teachers will automatically train Scarlett in Skills; some, such as Nox, will demand Scarlett perform a Quest first. Others, such as Aeris, will only provide training after she has moved to a specific location.) Eventually, one of Scarlett's possible Dialog Choices with a Teacher will be to "Learn Physical/Mental Skills". Selecting that reply will bring up either the Physical Skills or Mental Skills screen.

Skills that Scarlett can learn or improve with the current Teacher will be highlighted with a pulsing glow on the Skill screen. (Skills will only be so highlighted if Scarlett as the necessary prerequisites. E.g., after Earning Nox's Trust, Scarlett will very probably wish to learn the Blood Toll spell; but that won't be available until she has first learned at least one Level of Mastery in the Ancestral Horror spell.)

To learn an available Skill, select it from among those that Scarlett can be learn and press the action key/button to buy an item. A pop-up display will confirm the action, showing the details of the Skill at the Level of Mastery to be learned and its cost in Skill Points. (That cost appears to always be 10 for every Skill.) Learned Skills are displayed in color on Scarlett's Skills page and the costs deducted from her Skill Points total.

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