Citizens, Villagers, Tribesmen, Dock Workers, whatever you call them, they are the lifeblood of Venice, sturdy, hard-working men and women who make the city and its surrounding villages function. Nameless and under-appreciated, they nonetheless bestir themselves back to life each dawn, asking little in return.

Ode to the Common ManEdit

If observed walking on the streets, almost always in daytime, they can be heard to carefully consider purchasing the many goods that are for sale, "That looks good," and "I don't know," being their favorite comments. If approached on the street politely, they will likely give Scarlett the same hearty greeting they would offer any stranger, "Oh, hello."

So generous are these fine, upstanding folk that if they find Scarlett visiting inside their own home, they might respond with, "Honest folk are always welcome here," though the occasional curmudgeon might chide her with "Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep!" Certainly, they will never call the town guard, unless Scarlett is so callous as to steal their property.

Of course, they aren't perfect. Should you find yourself walking behind one of these citizens on a narrow catwalk or stairway, you might be tempted to hurry them along a little, but these steady folk move at their own pace. Whatever your wishes in the matter, it's not possible to harm them.

Of course, Victor has no such scruples. Given his druthers, and the Black Grimoire, he would just as soon suck the life from every one of them, to grind their bones to dust, and boil them in oil, and destroy their great civilization. These are the brave men and women Scarlett must save from the Undead Archon.

Related QuestsEdit

none. (Citizens who offer or participate in Quests almost always have proper names.)