City Council

The City Council is a subordinate body to The Doge, six nobles and merchants elected by the people to represent them in matters of city governance. The City Council has a long and glorious history (just ask the Former City Councilman's ghost.) Alas, it has fallen into corruption and subservience to The Doge and his Undead Archon ally. Thus, the city has fallen into disrepair, and the city Guardsmen are not the paragon of virtue they once were.

Scarlett can visit the City Council by simply entering their very impressive chambers in the lower Palace, and walking into the semicircle. She will find them not terribly responsive. Alternatively, she can eavesdrop on them from a nearby vestibule, working through a hole in the back of a bookcase. While those conversations may be a bit more candid, they are no less dull and indecisive.

The City Council is in a conspiracy with itself, of sorts, voting 3 to 3 in a tie on every issue, thus leaving the decision up to The Doge.

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