Copper Ore Edit

Copper ore

San Pasquale is situated in a region rich in copper ore, and copper ore is the village's major export. Copper miners have dug a maze of tunnels that stretches from the Ivy Creek entrance to the village of San Pasquale itself. Copper mining has halted, though, because the miners have either been killed or driven off by the assassins' attack and the influx of Delvers into the tunnels.

Copper is so abundant in this region that copper nuggets, i.e., small pieces of rock rich in copper ore, can be found anywhere near the mine and on San Pasquale's surrounding trails, possibly washed from the mountains by rain water or melting snow. (In fact, if Scarlett picks up the ore, chances are good that new ore can be found if she returns to San Pasquale at a later time)

Copper nuggets can be picked up by Scarlett and sold. Lilia is willing to pay 2 ducats for a piece of ore, and trade with Lilia is possibly the most important source of cash for Scarlett in the early stages of the game. Once in Venice, Scarlett can trade copper nuggets with the trader Deimos in the Outer City Amphitheater. He pays 4 ducats, due to the fact that he does not need to transport the ore.

Copper ore nuggets are not only found in and near the copper mine, but Scarlett also receives them as reward or as part of treasures.

Interesting thought: Imagine Scarlett mostly jogging (not walking) with perhaps 50 pounds of cast-iron armor, several warhammers, and occasionally 500 pieces of rocks the size of a brick. She can even swim with that. Now this is what I'd call excellent physical shape!