Crowe it is one of Venice's rogues and scoundrels. He keeps a watch post he calls the Crowe's Nest on the upper levels of the Trading Center in the Outer City, where he can look out over the rooftops.

In order to have any dealings with Crowe, Scarlett will have to do Rat a small favor (the A Rat's Work quest) to earn an introduction. Then she will have to earn Crowe's Trust (another quest.)

Once she's earned his trust, she can ask for work. Crowe will eventually suggest the Clear Sky in the Outer City quest. Once she's done that, Crowe will offer to sell her some stolen weapons at a "really nice price".

Scarlett's reward for all that effort will be learning to sneak up on people and kick them in the groin.

Skills Taught Edit

Crowe is the only trainer who can teach Scarlett these two Physical Skills:

Goods Sold Edit

Crowe deals in stolen weapons and armor, and only after Scarlett has completed the Clear Sky in the Outer City quest:

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