Crowe's Trust QuestEdit

From: Crowe
Location: Outer City Trading Center Roof (Just outside of the Amphitheater in the Hostel building, enter Hostel tower and go to top and outside.)

This quest is optional.

Scarlett must complete A Rat's Work quest first in order to deal with Crowe,


Crowe asks Scarlett to swap some "Wanted" posters the Judge has made with Crowe's picture on them. He has some replacement posters ready with someone else's face.


Go to the Judge's courtroom in the Outer City (just across from the central bridge), go upstairs to his room, search his desk and exchange the posters. It doesn't matter if the Judge sees Scarlett, he won't question her actions. Then return to Crowe and report success.


This quest is optional. It doesn't have to be completed to succeed against the Undead Archon, but it offers a few benefits:

Add 300 points to Experience. (No change to her Reputation.)

Crowe can teach Scarlett two Physical Skills if she completes this quest (and has the necessary Skill Points):

Crowe will offer Scarlett one additional quest if she completes this quest: Clear Sky in the Outer City.

Related QuestsEdit

  • A Rat's Work - Help Rat to earn an introduction to Crowe. This is a Prerequisite to obtaining this quest, Since Crowe will only deal with Scarlett if Rat recommends her.