Dark Views

Dark Views is one of Venetica's Achievements (Trophies). It simply requires visiting a specific, hard-to-find scenic location in the Arsenal District.

Earning the Achievement Edit

Trophy Map Dark Views

The "Dark View" it is an elevated overlook on a bridge in the Arsenal District.

To get there, Scarlett should climb into the upper area of the Arsenal District (or take the Platform.) She should go to the area one bridge above Largo's Administration Area, or one rickety bridge crossing below the Platform and Skullbreak Tavern. There are two doors on this landing, plus one Nexus Portal. Pick the lock and entered the eastern (normal) door. (Green dot on the map; click the map to enlarge it.) This is some sort of dorm room for the dockyard workers. In the northwestern corner of the room, there is another Nexus Portal. Scarlett should hear the telltale sound. Use The Passage to view and enter the Nexus Portal. That Portal leads to the top of a long stairway going down.

Scarlett should descend the stairs. At the bottom, she'll find Lectors in a pair of large rooms. Also some Chests to loot. The door exiting that room leads out back into the Arsenal District on a bridge. This bridge is the Dark View. It is also infested with a flock of Flying Beasts.

Scarlett and Dark Views Pale Heart

There is a Gargoyle over the door Scarlett will use to reach this bridge. If she visits here after she has been to Africa, it will animate and attack her, yielding one of the Pale Hearts for the quest of the same name, though this is not necessary to earn the Achievement (Trophy).

After receiving the Achievement (Trophy), Scarlett can continue across the bridge and through the opposite door, where she will find some Rogues and more treasure to loot.

Reward Edit

The Dark Views Achievement (Trophy).

There is a treasure chest in the room at the bottom of the stairs which contains some loot and Pirate Scrooge's Treasure Map.


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