Deathburst skill icon

Deathburst is an Active Physical Skill that allows Scarlett to combine her Moonblade with her Mental Energy, creating an explosion of Necromantic energy that inflicts massive damage to the Health of all nearby enemies.

Deathburst has four Level of Mastery, each increasing the total damage to the enemies' Health at the cost of slightly more Mental Energy.

Level of
Mental Energy
1 84 20 ME 0 sec 10.0 sec
2 109 26 ME 0 sec 10.0 sec
3 141 33 ME 0 sec 10.0 sec
4 184 42 ME 0 sec 10.0 sec

Deathburst is an Active Skill. It needs to be placed on the QuickBar so it can be used. If no enemy is in range, then the attack fails and the Mental Energy is wasted. This Physical Skill can only be used while Scarlett is wielding her Moonblade.

Scarlett can learn this Physical Skill (or increase her Level of Mastery) from any of several of the Physical Skill Teachers she meets: Rangar, Abd el Malik and Akbah.

Scarlett can only learn this Physical Skill after she has learned at least one Level of Mastery in its prerequisite, Moonblade Block, and has accumulated sufficient Skill Points.