Deimos is a trader in the Amphitheater area of the Outer City.

Scarlett will meet him just outside the amphitheater (northwest entrance.) She'll have to initiate the conversation. In addition to trading, Deimos offers to vouch for Scarlett to the Guard so she can get access to the Amphitheater. She can either reveal she is from the mountains, and he will vouch for her based just on that, or she can pay him 200 ducats for the service.

Once (if) Scarlett enters the amphitheater, Deimos we'll move back to his vendor stall inside as well.

Scarlett can trade with him either inside or outside the amphitheater.

(Despite a common name and physical resemblance, Deimos doesn't seem to be related to Master Deimos of the Hooded Wings.)

Good Sold Edit

Deimos sells only Copper Ore (and anything Scarlett previously sold to him.)

Note: Deimos will pay twice as much for Copper Ore than other merchants (4 ducats a nugget, rather than two.)

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