Don and NestoEdit

Don and Nesto are an inseparable pair of bickering brothers visiting San Pasquale from Venice. Relatives of the late Tarka Gor, they are squabbling over their probable inheritance, the forest hut, and the content of his Last Will & Testament.

The two will only be seen together. Scarlett will probably first encounter the duo at the forest hut while she is doing A Favor for The Blacksmith. The two will prove able companions to Scarlett on her coming journey to Venice, and even beyond.

Both brothers will offer to let Scarlett read their journals about Venice. (This will account for the knowledge Scarlett has of Venice embodied in the helpful maps she will be using.)


Nesto will offer Scarlett some combat practice and tips on how to dodge and roll and circumvent an enemy who is blocking her attacks. (He can't train new Physical Skills, though.)

Lastly, the brothers will accompany Scarlett on her trip to Venice. Sadly, fate has decreed a cut scene in which the pair die at the hands of assassins waiting at the South Shore.


By trade, the brothers are experts in "precision mechanical devices", which makes them excellent at picking locks. They will help Scarlett open a few doors early on.

One might think the death of the two brothers would in their part in the story. But, Scarlett is Death's Daughter, after all, so death isn't quite as final when she's around. Once Scarlett has visited the second Gateway Idol (in the old temple in the Outer City), she'll be able to call upon the friendly spirits of Don and Nesto again to help her out, such as to open locks whenever she needs to. (Except for a few locks which require a "special key".)

The metabolically challenged pair will also occasionally want to offer Scarlett some friendly, unsolicted advice. The player may see the icon for “The Passagemental skill appear on the screen; invoking The Passage will show their ghosts, perhaps gesturing to some item she may have missed. Once Scarlett has learned "The Whisper", they may even speak to her.

Related QuestsEdit

The Concealed Final Will - Find the Will & Testament hidden in the forest hut for the brothers.

The Moonblade Mystery - The pair will let Scarlett open the locked gate to the room in the forest hut that contains the hidden Moonblade.

The Moonblade Resurrection - Nesto will suggest that the Moonblade needs repair before it can be used it effectively.

Reaching Venice - Don and Nesto will accompany Scarlett toward the city.