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Dusk of the Dead

The Dusk of the Dead is a Magical Quest Item that can be used to create a Nethercoat for Scarlett.

Scarlett can only obtain the Dusk of the Dead from Princess Chiamaka after she confronts the Juma Princess in the Necropolis of her African homeland.

Once Scarlett has the Dusk of the Dead, she can take it back to her adopted mother, Jarta, in San Pasquale. Jarta can weave the dusk into the fabric of a formal dress, the Nethercoat, which will protect Scarlett from Victor's magic and grant her entrance to the Doge's Palace.

Note: In the cutscenes as well as in the inventory, this item is referred to as Dust of the Dead. Only the splash page calls it the Dusk of the Dead. In this context, Dusk does not make sense, unlike Dust. In a French Wiki, the word poussière (dust) is used. We can most certainly assume that Dusk is a typo.

Princess Chiamaka offers the Dust of the Dead to Scarlett