Experience Levels: How it works in DetailEdit

Xp over level

One of the key tasks for Scarlett is to accumulate Experience Points (XP), because she can reach a new Experience Level when she has accumulated enough XP. Initially, Scarlett begins with an Experience Level of 1 and needs to collect 400 XP to get to Level 2. With each new level, she gains Attribute Points and Skill Points, which increase her strength and her abilities, respectively.

As Scarlett's Experience Level rises, the number of XP needed to attain the next level increases exponentially. For example, to reach Level 3, she needs 848 XP (448 XP over Level 1), and to reach Level 4, she needs 1349 XP (501 XP over Level 3). To reach Level 30 from 29, however, she needs almost 12,000 additional XP. Roughly, the XP needed to attain the next level doubles every 6 levels. This corresponds to a 12% increase for each level.

The details of the algorithm are as follows:

  • Initialize:
    • Set Level = 1
    • Set XP = 0
    • Set Threshold = 400
    • Set XP_increment = 400.0
  • Whenever XP >= Threshold:
    • Set Level = Level+1
    • Set XP_increment = XP_increment * 1.12
    • Set Threshold = Threshold + floor(XP_increment)

where floor() represents truncating the decimals (i.e., 561.12 gets truncated to 512, and 883.68 gets truncated -- not rounded -- to 883).

With this exponential behavior, attaining higher levels later in the game becomes very difficult, even though vanquishing stronger foes and fulfilling some quests awards more XP.