Explosive Goods

A group of Rebels ask Scarlett to destroy a ship in the Harbor full of explosives destined for the Doge.

Getting the QuestEdit

Scarlett should visit the Skullbreak Tavern in the Arsenal District.

Quest Map Skullbreak Tavern

Not far from the entrance, a group of men will be talking. If Scarlett speaks with them and tells him her name, they will recognize the name and admit they are Rebels who oppose the current activities of the Doge. if she tries to encourage them (fire them up or question their courage), they will ask her to perform this Quest.

This quest is optional. Scarlett may elect to do it to increase her Experience and Reputation.


The QuestEdit

There Is a cargo ship in the Harbor full of explosives. It's intended for the Doge. The Rebels ask Scarlett to destroy it for them.





Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Scarlett should wait until night time and then go to the Harbor.

Quest Map Explosive Goods

Scarlett should approach the ship anchored along the Pier with the Lighthouse. If she goes there during the day, two Guardsmen will be on duty and will not allow her on board. At night, these guards get "sloppy" and leave their post, so Scarlett can board the ship.

On board, she should go down (towards the bow) into the cargo hold and find the explosives and ignite them. (There are two Marauders onboard who she will either have to kill or avoid.)

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After setting off the explosives and watching the ship sink, Scarlett should return to the Skullbreak Tavern and tell the Rebels that the ship is destroyed to complete the quest.



Adds 400 points to Scarlett's Experience. (No change to her Reputation.)


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