Fargo and Scarlett

Fargo was once loving husband to Liora. Together, they were among the rebels who opposed the Doge's alliance with Victor to exploit the city of Venice. But, fearing for Fargo's life, Liora tried to make a deal with Victor. She betrayed the rebels in exchange for all their lives. But Victor betrayed her, too, and had all the rebels killed, a tragedy now called "the Night of the Knives".

If Scarlett locates Fargo's body and uses The Whisper to speak to his restless spirit, he will gladly forgive his misguided wife, Liora.

Person Map Fargo

Fargo's remains can be found in the Arsenal District Catacombs, lying in the central room. (To reach it, go up either of the stairs to the central area, then down another set of stairs into the room.)

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