Final Judgment Edit

Final Judgement skill icon

Final Judgement is an active Necromantic Spell (Mental Skill) that allows Scarlett to summon death to take a victim.

Final Judgment has only a single Level of Mastery. Although it costs on 18 points of Mental Energy to cast (casting time 1.4 seconds), the lengthy 180 second Cooldown Time insures Scarlett can't overuse it. It is not as visually interesting and the name and description makes it sound: the designated Enemy simply dies. The Doge and Victor are both immune to the spell.

Final Judgment is an active Mental Skills. It must first be placed on the game's QuickBar before it can be invoked.

Scarlett can only learn the Mental Defiance Mental Skill after she has been granted its prerequisite, The Summoning, at the Gateway Idol in the Palace Gardens; after she has accumulated sufficient Skill Points; and after she finds a Necromancy Trainer Because she will become eligible to learn this spell so late in the game, only one teacher, Amago in the Arsenal District Catacombs, will be available to teach it to her.

Final Judgment is the final and highest spell of the Sixth Twilight Circle. Learning it qualifies the player for the Master of the Sixth Twilight Circle Achievement (Trophy).