Flask of Faith Edit

The Flask of Faith is a magical container that preserves the ability of fountain or well water to restore Mental Energy. While Scarlett's Mental Energy is fully restored when she drinks from a fountain, the water in the Flask of Faith is sufficient only to restore 50 points of Mental Energy. When Scarlett uses the Flask of Faith (by selecting it from the Inventory, the flask is emptied and must be refilled at a fountain.

Flask of faith

The advantage of the Flask of Faith over the Mental Energy Potion (+80 mental energy points) is the fact that it can be reused as many times as needed once it has been acquired. In addition, Scarlett can acquire and carry more than one Flask of Faith.

The Flask of Faith (empty) is sold by San for 300 ducats. Scarlett can sell it for 120 ducats (empty) or 200 ducats (filled) -- but what would be the point?

It is noteworthy that San, like other merchants, appears to restock her inventory once they have been completely sold out. Initially, San has only one Flask of Faith in stock. If Scarlett buys all of San's stock (i.e., swords, Ring of Life, herbs), San will stock up again and show another Flask of Faith in her trader's inventory (see screenshots below).

If Scarlett carries multiple empty Flasks in her inventory, she will have to refill those first before refreshing her Mental Energy at a fountain. With multiple flasks, this can be time-consuming and opens her up for an attack by, for example, a Rogue.

Flask of faith refilled


Note: Buying multiple Flasks of Faith can get pretty expensive, because it requires purchasing the entire merchandise that San has on offer -- this includes the Ring of Life (12,500 ducats), which Scarlett needs only once. Even if Scarlett sells back the excess rings to other merchants, the difference is still 7,500 ducats, and this does not even take into account the magic swords.


San second flask

(Although the Flask of Faith is not strictly a Potion, it has been added to this category as it has similar effects as the Mental Energy Potion)