Flying Beast

Flying Beasts resemble giant bats, as they flocked about over the roofs of the city, or sometimes inside tall buildings. They never descend to street level. They can remain annoyingly out of reach of even long weapons such as spears, but they can send quickly for a fast attack and retreat again. If Scarlett needs to deal with these, her necromantic Mental Skills, such as Blood Vortex, are an efficient way to kill them. (They are immune to Raven's Wrath.)

Scarlett will sometimes find these creatures acting as obstacles to her travels.

Flying Beast Nest
Flying Beasts make nests among the city's chimneys. The nest can be identified by an unusual enlargement atop the chimney. To destroy a nest, Scarlett will need to take a heavy weapon such as a war hammer to the chimney and nest alike.

Killing a Flying Beasts will earn Scarlett 20 points to Experience (each), or 35 points in the Arsenal District. Using the Beast Knowledge Skill, Scarlett can skin them for their leather (can be sold for 12 ducats each.)

Related QuestsEdit

Scarlett will be offered several Quests explicitly dealing with getting rid of flying beasts and/or their nests:

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