Former City Councilman

The former City Councilman is only a memory and ghost now. But his patriotic spirit lingers, and he remembers the good old days, when Venice was bright and prosperous, its ships crisscrossed the Mediterranean, the City Council worked for the people, and there wasn't so much gosh darn violence in video games.

Scarlett can find his skeleton in the Palace Dungeon, in the back of the cell with the Rebels. If she uses The Passage and her other necromantic skills to speak with him, he will regale her with stories of the good old days. If she asks him for help, and knows The Summoning (i.e., she's activated the final Gateway Idol in the Palace garden), she can resurrect him before the current City Council to persuade them to help her get into the throne room. (This will, regrettably, involve singing.)

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