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From Venice with Love is a Physical Skill that allows Scarlett to attack an enemy with a vicious kick of her boot to the groin. The blow temporarily disables the enemy, allowing additional attacks with another weapon. Using this Physical Skill requires Scarlett to expand Mental Energy.

From Venice with Love has four Levels of Mastery. Both the amount of damage the attack inflicts and the length of time the enemy is stunned increase with the Level of Mastery. The damage inflicted also increases with Scarlett's Physical Strength. The amount of Mental Energy required to launch the attack also increases with the Level of Mastery.

Most Creatures are immune to this attack.

Venomous Eclipse
Level Damage Stun
Mental Energy
1 30+ 4 sec 15 ME 0 10.0 sec
2 42+ 5 sec 21 ME 0 10.0 sec
3 58+ 7 sec 29 ME 0 10.0 sec
4 82+ 10 sec 41 ME 0 10.0 sec
  + Strength bonus

Scarlett can only learn the From Venice with Love Skill after she has learned its prerequisite, Deadly Silence, from Crowe, and she can only learn it from Crowe. She will also need sufficient Skill Points to purchase it. She can increase her Level of Mastery at any time by returning to Crowe and spending more Skill Points.

From Venice with Love