Gero is the handsome master of the Necropolis in the Juma Tribal Lands.

Gero will appear in the Necropolis right after Scarlett and Princess Chiamaka finish their grand battle. In fact, he'll be sweeping up the debris (the man is apparently such a neat freak, he sweeps dirt.) He is ringmaster, announcer, booking agent, and maintenance department all rolled into one.

If Scarlett approaches Gero, he will offer her two Quests: First, he will tell her that the tribe holds tournaments in the necropolis to determine their mightiest warrior, and would she like to join in the fun. (The Let the Games Begin! quest.) Later, after Scarlett has proven herself a mighty warrior, he will ask her for a favor (The Baka King).

Scarlett can approach Gero any time to enter the tournament again, whether she has won yet or not.

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