Grippers are subterranean creatures resembling giant crawfish or lobster, with two large, sharp claws. They stand perhaps three feet high and perhaps four feet long, with several sacks of azure bioluminescence on their backs that make them easy to spot in their darkened, underground habitat.

They are slow moving, but their claws can do considerable damage if one is careless or surprised. They are sufficiently slow that they can be dealt with singly with a warhammer, though that's a risky strategy if several Grippers can surround you.

The Queen Gripper is a larger, more powerful version of the Gripper. This female lays her eggs in the Gripper's nest, and is responsible for propagating the colony. She is immune to many necromantic spells, such as Blood Toll.

Using the Beast Knowledge skill, Scarlett can harvest the glowing sacks from their carcass. These can be sold for 20 ducats or used to refill a lantern. Killing a Gripper adds 50 points to Scarlett's Experience.

Related QuestsEdit

There are two other optional quests Scarlett may obtain from the Judge or the Guard Captain of the Inner City or others that will have her dealing with Grippers:

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