Guard Captain inner city

The Captain of the Guard in the Inner City was the man in charge of the city guardsmen there. However, when Scarlett first enters the Inner City, the Doge has sanctioned an occupation by Hector's Persian mercenaries, and the Captain and his Guardsmen are out of work. During this Persian Occupation, the good Captain can be found seated at a table in the Tavern. Even though he's off duty, he can still offer Scarlett some work (Quests).

Person Map Guard Captain of the Inner City

Later, after the Persian Occupation is lifted, the captain can be found in the Garrison. He can still offer Scarlett some work, if she hasn't already accepted or completed both Quests he has to offer. (lick on map to enlarge.)

He seems a good deal more dedicated to his work than his Outer City counterpart, though they both possess the same terrifying stare.

Related QuestsEdit

The Captain of the Guard can offer Scarlett two optional quest, either before or after the Persian Occupation:

He may also figure in other Quests, depending on how (and if) Scarlett deals with them. Both of these occur after the occupation: