Health Potion Edit

Health Potions come in two kinds:

  • The regular Health Potion restores 80 Health Points
  • The Strong Health Potion restores 150 Health Points

Health Potions can be purchased from some merchants (e.g., from Madame Dunequerque in the Inner City), they are carried by some opponents (e.g., Rogues), and they can be part of a treasure. In addition, Scarlett can make Health Potions by using Alchemy.

Making a Health Potion with Alchemy Edit

The Alchemy reaction requires one Dusk Whin plant and one Alchemy Phial, which are combined into one Health Potion:

Alchemy hp reaction

Dusk Whin, when consumed as a plant, restores 30 Health Points, and Alchemy therefore almost triples its power.

Health Potion (Strong) Edit

Although the Strong Health Potion can also be found occasionally as loot or part of a Treasure, the most common way to obtain a Strong Health Potion is to have a regular Health Potion sanctified by Brother Johan in The Chapel. To do so, a regular Health Potion is sold to Brother Johan, who then sells back the sanctified Strong Health Potion:

Alchemy hpstrong

When we consider the price (one ducat per Health Point for the regular potion), the Strong Health Potion (0.8 ducats per health point) is a bargain.