Hengfisk fisherman

Hengfisk is a fisherman on the Southern Bay.

About HengfiskEdit

Scarlett will first meet Hengfisk as one of the Assassins's hostages in the Windmill Tavern. Once freed, he will return to his boat down on the beach.

He can ferry Scarlett across South Bay to the Water Gateway as a way to get her into Venice while the road is blocked. At the entrance to the Water Gateway, Hengfisk will offer to sell Scarlett a lantern and fish oil to light it. Those are the only items he has for sale, and he does not offer them except at the Water Gateway. he will wait at the entrance to the Water Gateway, so Scarlett can return any time to either purchase a lantern, oil, or request a ride back to the Southern Bay or Greek Bay, in the unlikely event she wants to leave the Water Gateway the way she came in.

Hengfisk can also ferry Scarlett to Creek Bay.

Goods for SaleEdit

Lantern (35 ducats)
Fish Oil (20 ducats)
Fish (10 ducats)

(as with other merchants, Hengfisk can buy any unneeded items, converting them to ducats Scarlett can spend on items she needs. He will also be able to sell back to Scarlett anything she previously sold to him (at a mark up, of course.)


Person Map Hengfisk
Hengfisk can be found down on the beach at the Southern Bay.

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Person Map Hengfisk wg
After ferrying Scarlett to Venice, Hengfisk can be found at the entrance to the Water Gateway, in case she wants to leave again, or buy a lantern.

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