How to Move Rocks

Getting the QuestEdit

From: Juan (Innkeeper)
Location: South Shore (Windmill Tavern)

Juan, the Innkeeper at South Shore's Windmill tavern, asks Scarlett to get some pigeons back from Soros, a pigeon keeper in Creek Bay.


Once you get the paddles for the fisherman Hengfisk's boat (The Injured Fisherman quest), he can ferry you to Creek Bay.


Quest Map How to Move Rocks

Scarlett should ask Hengfisk, the fisherman down on the beach, to take her to Creek Bay. Hengfisk knows the way.

In Creek Bay, Scarlett will find Soros sitting there. If she talks to him, she can get the keys to his cave by fighting him or giving him money (as Scarlett finds out he is the real owner of the pigeons, not the innkeeper). (A more round-about method is to listen to Soros, return to Juan at the tavern to accuse him, get the money from Juan, then go back to Soros and buy the pigeons. Hengfisk will ferry Scarlett if asked.)

Either way, take the pigeons from the cave (alert for any Delvers who may be wandering about) and give them to the innkeeper. Demand he pay for them if you didn't already (or not).


As a reward, Scarlett can travel to Venice on the road next time she visits South Shore. (For this trip, Hengfisk will have to take her.)

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