Joanna is one of the traders who buys and sells goods in the Outer City Marketplace. She specializes in goods relating to hunting. She's the right person to see to sell or buy hides, leather, tusks, or anything else skinned or taken from an animal.

Goods for SaleEdit

Joanna sells:

Like other merchants, Joanna will buy any unneeded items, converting them to ducats Scarlett can spend on more useful goods. Also like other merchants, she will sell any goods previously sold to her by Scarlett — at a markup, of course. Joanna pays twice the going rate for animal hides, skins, and tusks.

Special SevicesEdit

Joanna is also has other useful abilities. She can alter leather armor to fit, if Scarlett didn't get Mattheo to armor her back home. (Joanna charges 800 ducats to customize leather armor, while Mattheo will do it for only 500 ducats.)


Finally, Joanna is a specialized Trainer. She can teach the Beast Knowledge skill, useful for skinning Delvers and Flying Beasts or harvesting beacons from Grippers, if Scarlett didn't learn that Physical Skill from Brawler back home. Good to know for some quests.

Joanna can also teach the Alchemy skill, useful for turning certain Herbs into Potions. (She also sells the Alchemist Phials needed to use the Alchemy skill.)


Where to Find Joanne Edit

Person Map Joanne

Joanna can be found at her stall in the western part of the Marketplace during daylight hours. (At night, honest citizens and vendors alike disappear from Venice's Outer City's dangerous streets, except in the well-guarded Trading Center area.)

Related QuestsEdit