Jose is the Tavern keeper in the Inner City Tavern. His establishment is the hangout for several interesting people Scarlett may want to meet (a source of optional Quests). (Perhaps he is related to Juan at the Windmill tavern?)

Jose, however, is working with the Persian mercenaries. If Scarlett talks with him and reveals she is from out of town, he will attempt to lead her into a trap (which she will have to fight her way out of.) If she walks into and then escapes this trap, Jose will beg for mercy, claiming they threatened his family if he didn't help them.

Killing Jose adds 80 points to Scarlett's Experience and earns the Apple Wine Achievement (Trophy). If he is killed, the next time Scarlett visits the Tavern, Inar will be the new bartender, and everything on the menu will be apples, including the Apple Wine.

Goods for SaleEdit

Like other merchants, Jose can also buy unneeded items Scarlett wishes to sell, converting them to ducats she can spend on more useful items. (He will also be able to sell back to Scarlett any items she previously sold to him, though at a substantial markup price. If Scarlett kills Jose, his merchandise is no longer available.)

Related QuestsEdit

Jose himself it is not related to any Quests. However, his tavern has several people from time to time who can offer Scarlett some optional Quests to increase her Experience and Reputation.

Killing Jose is part of the Apple Wine Achievement (Trophy).