The Judge it is Venice's chief magistrate, administering justice from his courthouse and office in the Outer City. He is the representative of The Doge and the City Council in matters of law and order, though he may confess, in unguarded moments, that the Doge doesn't seem to be paying a lot of attention to city administration lately.

The Judge can provide a couple of work opportunities (optional Quests) for Scarlett to increase her experience and build her reputation.

If Scarlett should transgress the law (such as getting seen looting a Citizen's house, or attacking or killing a Citizen), she will need to report to the Judge to pay a fine (otherwise, guard captains, city officials, and the City Council will refuse to deal with her, until the fine is paid.)

It might come as a surprise, therefore, that the Judge does not seem to mind if Scarlett drinks from the Judge's tea pot or steals items from the courthouse, such as the poster, a piece of bread, or even the contents of his urban chest.

The CourtroomEdit

Person Map Judge

The judge sits at his bench in the Courtroom, 24 hours a day. Because crime never sleeps, either. (Click on map to enlarge.)


Related QuestsEdit

  • Crowe's Trust - The Judge is the victim of this quest. He has some wanted posters Crowe wants disappeared.