Juma tribeswoman in Skullbreak Tavern

This tribeswoman of the Juma is one of the tribe who feel that Princess Chiamaka should not be allied with the Undead Archon. Although she still feels that the Princess loves her people and only did what she thought was best for them, her beliefs have made her an exile from the Juma Tribal Lands. She gave up her profession as a Trader and fled to Venice.


Scarlett will probably first meet her on the balcony in the Skullbreak Tavern, in the Arsenal District, where she and a fellow tribesman are apparently drinking away their exile. Meetings her is optional.

Scarlett may also meet her later in her hut in the Juma Tribal Lands, after dealing with Princess Chiamaka. (Here she is a Trader again.)

Juma trader in Africa

Later, after Scarlett has confronted Princess Chiamaka in the Necropolis, she will return to the Juma Tribal Lands and resume her old profession as a Trader. There, she can be found in her home, a hut near the Tree of Life (near the passage leading from the anchorage), where she'll be happy to buy and sell goods once again.

Goods for SaleEdit

Once she returns to Africa, the Tribeswoman resumes her job as a Trader and sells:

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